Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Mid-Month Roundup

I hope your month is going fantastic so far!  I thought I'd share my wins for this month as of today...

Playskool Musical Gear Center (ARV $25)
Babychix - 9" Ceramic Diaper & Babyopoloy Blanket (ARV $50)
Tellurian Baby Prouducts (ARV $80)
SwaddleDesigns Set of 14x14 Security Blankets (ARV $40)
Macy's First Impression Set (ARV $50)
$1 Amazon GC (ARV $1)
4 Mrs Renfro's Products (ARV $20)
Purex Complete Crystals Softener (ARV $5)
Help My Baby Came Without Instructions Book (ARV $15)
Fiber Plus Bars (ARV $3)
Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex (ARV $10
$15 EcoMom GC (ARV $15)

YTD total is $314 if I added that right :o)  I'm really focusing on baby items, and I've won some fabulous things for our little one.  The BabyChix Ceramic Diaper is the cutest thing ever!

Time for coffee!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Interrupt This Blog to Vent about BACON!

I was at Albertson's this afternoon, and had a craving for my wonderful homemade crepes for dinner.  So while I was there I picked up (what I thought was) a nice package of bacon that looked nice and meaty.

When I opened the package of bacon much to my surprise the only meat was at the very edge of the piece (of course the part visible on the package) and the rest was all fat.  Even more annoying was that it was only sliced at the meat edges and the rest was a big 'ol hunk 'o FAT!  Ick. Ick.....and ICK!

Such deceptive bacon packaging!  Hubby asked about the bacon and I said "Oh don't even ask!" lol