Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paula Young Think Pink Wig

On October 18th I was notified by Still Blonde After All These Years that I was a lucky daily winner of a Paula Young pink wig of my choice.  It was a super hard decision as the selection was outstanding, but I decided on this long curly pink wig...

Awesome right?  Since I was notified on October 18th I didn't think that it would arrive in time for Halloween, but it did!  Yay! We put a black light on in our front room, and kept the rest of the downstairs dark.  So when I opened the door for Trick r Treaters all they saw was my long pink wig glowing.  It was perfect!  I love this wig because it is such high quality and will last forever. 

Big huge thanks to Shelley over at Still Blonde After All These Years for offering such a wonderful giveaway.  Her blog is so much fun to read, and she has great giveaways too! Make sure you stop by, and tell her I sent you :)

Still Blonde After All These Years


  1. I am verifying entries for my shabby chic makeover giveaway now but will pick a winner tomorrow. My next giveaway for November will be posted in the morning.

    A client of mine purchased a $25 Gift Certificate that she's giving away on her blog. You can enter to win that here.

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  2. okay, you gotta post pix of you in this wig! ;D

    I gotta see it in action! ;D

  3. I do have a pic! It's hilarious!